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Mediation + Alternative Dispute Resolution for Real Estate Conflicts

Areas of Practice



Disputes arise in probate for a variety of reasons. Conflict may occur over the disposition of a decedent's property because relatives are dissatisfied with the decedent's estate plan. Whatever the reason, we can help all sides come to a resolution.

landlord/tenant disputes

Allow us to help settle your landlord/tenant dispute. Whether it's a security deposit issue or an unlawful detainer, we can provide fair, efficient service to help all parties resolve the matter. 

adverse possession

Through adverse possession, a trespasser can gain ownership of just a few feet of property or hundreds of acres. And the trespasser doesn’t need to intend to take the land by adverse possession. Sometimes it happens through an honest mistake. 

divorcE/partition of assets

The separation of couples both married and unmarried can raise questions involving the partition of assets including the value of property. We're here to help resolve the dispute and provide neutral, 3rd party appraisals for valuation.

Boundary disputes

Fences and hedges and tress, oh my. Your dispute involving boundary lines and encroachment can be resolved in a mutually satisfactory way using our proven effective mediation services.   

quiet title

Quiet titles are legal mechanisms that make it possible to grant a clear title to a single owner when there is the potential for several different claims to ownership. The name of the action refers to the result of this action, in that by establishing a clear owner to the property, one “quiets”other claims.

escrow disputes

Conflicts during escrow come at a heightened state of emotions. From performance demands to earnest money disputes, we can help defuse the situation and reach compromise between parties in a way that saves everyone time, money and stress.

commission disputes

Disputes involving the commissions for real estate agents can be settled in mediation to avoid costly litigation or time consuming arbitrations. Mediation can achieve agreeable results for everyone.

small claims

Common types of claims involve failure to repay a loan, fix a car or appliance properly, return a security deposit, or meet the terms of a service contract -- for example, properly remodel a kitchen or install a new roof. Many small claims derive out of real estate agreements.